Dynamically advertise your entire catalog

Retail advertisers can now provide a richer and more engaging search experience for customers by delivering relevant ads that include product details, images, and pricing. However, managing shopping ad campaigns, controlling product feeds, setting up promotions, optimizing product targets, and reporting on performance across thousands of products is time consuming and prone to errors.

Marin Software harnesses the power of shopping ads by equipping retailers with tools that combine scale, transparency, and automation for transforming the chaotic process into a streamlined revenue machine.

Marin provides a complete shopping solution that enables marketers to efficiently create and edit campaigns, control product feeds, generate reports that deliver valuable insight into shopping ad performance, and optimize product target bids to maximize revenue.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage campaigns at scale

    In general, the more granular the product target, the more likely a relevant ad will be delivered for a corresponding product search. However, additional granularity can make shopping ad campaigns more complex and difficult to manage. Marin’s bulk-add and bulk-edit capabilities simplify the management of campaign objects, enabling marketers to create campaigns, ad groups, promotional text, negative keywords, and product targets quickly and easily without introducing errors. With a few clicks, marketers can quickly copy shopping ads, multi-edit and update sets of product target bids, find and replace promotional text within specified ad groups, or schedule the launch of multiple campaigns. Marin’s automated bidirectional sync ensures that changes are kept current at the publisher and within Marin, regardless of where changes are made.

  • Easily format, analyze and optimize product feeds

    Product feed management for multiple platforms can be a long tedious process for many marketers, particularly when the feed can have thousands or millions of products. Marin Software has partnered with Productsup, a best-of-breed feed optimization service, to allow marketers to easily and quickly manage and optimize their product feed across supported platforms. This functionality allows marketers immense time savings, with the ability to easily create new feeds from their database without worrying about formatting and reformatting their feed for different platforms.

  • Dynamically manage ads to inventory

    Managing search and shopping campaigns as inventory changes requires real-time visibility and is incredibly time consuming. With Dynamic Campaigns, retailers can link product inventory to specific keywords and product targets. As stockouts occur or custom inventory criteria are met — limited selection, delayed shipping, low inventory — Marin will automatically pause campaign objects to eliminate wasted spend from non-converting clicks. Paused keywords and product targets are automatically activated, taking advantage of historical data and ad quality, when products are re-stocked or inventory thresholds are healthy.

    Marin automatically builds and updates ad creative using the most up-to-date product details like product name, brand, and price, based on your customized specifications. For shopping ads, promotional text is automatically generated using feed details. Since search ad scan produce a variety of character and token lengths, Dynamic Campaigns cascades creative text to guarantee quality ads are generated and approved

  • Track and manage URLs automatically

    Marin’s URL Builder leverages publisher dynamic URL parameters to automatically append tracking parameters to product target URLs based on marketers’ existing tracking system. Not only does this make transitioning to Marin from other solutions seamless, it eliminates the need to manage URL tracking through publisher merchant centers. Furthermore, this enables marketers to track performance down to the individual product target and shopping ad. Malformed and duplicate URLs are automatically corrected, ensuring that the management of shopping ad and product target URLs remains efficient and error-free.

  • Maximize revenue with predictive bidding

    Marin’s predictive bidding algorithm automates bid calculations across product targets while providing the necessary controls to adjust bids according to seasonality and other changes in the bidding landscape. Marketers can set granular yet flexible bidding goals to maximize revenue based on business objectives that vary by product line or business unit. Optimal bids are calculated daily for new inventory product targets without an expensive “learning” period, enabling marketers to capitalize immediately on new revenue opportunities. Bid adjustments allow marketers to boost product target bids by a specified amount or manually assign a static bid, providing additional control over revenue outcomes.

  • Optimize performance with insightful reporting

    Marin Dimensions enable marketers to tag campaigns, ad groups, and product targets for in-depth segmentation and analysis, unconstrained by account structure. Web query reports pull shopping ad performance data directly into Excel, allowing marketers to build dashboards that provide insightful snapshots for at-a-glance analysis. With Marin’s interactive charting and advanced filtering capabilities, marketers can quickly visualize trends, identify outlying data, and take immediate action to improve performance.