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Performance Advertising Platform

Run your channels independently or in concert

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Easily create precise audience segments

Amplify your messages across Facebook, Twitter, and TV

Automatically retarget users who've demonstrated strong intent

Build awareness and capture audience attention at scale

Where Intuitive Design Meets Intelligent Optimization

Easily scale your program across publishers

Improve ROI with transparent optimization

Make smarter decisions, faster

Reach with customers across devices

The only intent-powered solution for display advertisers

Gain complete transparency and control of publishing performance

Attain unparalleled audience-building capabilities with advanced segmentation

Expand your cross-channel reach based on user behaviors

Discover new and valuable audiences

The world's biggest brands rely on Marin Software


Since adopting Marin, I’ve been able to significantly reduce time spent doing reports.”

Paul Ferry, Digital Marketing Specialist
Cash Converters


Using Marin to manage our new complex campaign structure in Bing quickly provided us with 10.5% more conversions at 10.4% lower cost.”

Mike Smith, Interactive Marketing Manager
Extra Space Storage


Across the board, from campaign management to reporting to optimization, Marin has saved us an unimaginable amount of time."

Emily Johnson, Search Marketing Specialist


Perfect Audience being so responsible allows me to be more responsible to my team. I really appreciate not only the communicativeness, but the friendliness of their team.”

Laura Oppenheimer, Marketing Manager

Search Social Webinar – July 2017