Marin Software provides a unified platform to manage revenue acquisition across multiple channels and win the online battle for revenue.

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The battle for revenue is increasingly being fought online. By 2015 advertisers will spend over £75 billion on online advertising in order to generate awareness, attract new customers, and ultimately drive revenue. As online advertising becomes increasingly competitive and complex, marketers must find ways to gain visibility into marketing effectiveness, respond quickly to changing market conditions, and consistently deliver ever-improving financial results.


Paid Search

As transaction volume increases and competition for keywords grows, paid search becomes increasingly complex and challenging to manage. Marin Software helps marketers increase the return on the investments of both time and money that they put into paid search.


Display Advertising

Display advertising is projected to account for roughly a third of all interactive marketing spend within a few years. Marin helps advertisers find ways to quickly analyse display ad performance, effectively manage placements, and optimise for financial lift.


Social Advertising

By now roughly half of the internet users around the globe are active users of social media. To address this opportunity, Marin enables advertisers to engage with their audiences and target users based on likes and interests.


Mobile Advertising

We live in a world that’s getting more connected by the minute. Marin helps advertisers take advantage of the rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets, reaching consumers on the go with location and device-specific offers.

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