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Case Studies

Peugeot achieves 36% Reduction
in Cost per Conversion

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We help our customers run a better business every day.

“With Marin, I can instantly get a 360-degree view of how our search marketing program is working for our clients at a variety of levels.”


“Marin Software has enabled us to save significant time managing campaigns allowing us to focus on optimization and performance efficiencies.”


“With Marin, we were able improve conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs and gain significant workflow efficiencies.”


“Marin has provided a huge increase in efficiency for managing Facebook Ads. Creative Rotation has helped us maintain performance over time, and the automated bid optimization ensures we are as effective as possible with ad-spend.”

“Since Resolution Media International adopted Marin Software, we’ve seen a significant improvement in performance in line with the objectives we set. This is a result of the automated bidding which has meant that keyword bids are optimized more frequently but also the additional insight that Resolution Media now have through the User Journey report and the strategic tests that they run – more insight equals better optimization.”

“Marin has helped facilitate a significant improvement in holidaymaker acquisition via paid search whilst maintaining a positive channel ROI. Crucially Marin allows holidaylettings.co.uk to track and optimise performance at a property level, something we had struggled to do previously. As a result the paid search channel outperformed seasonality by 350% in the 2013 peak.”

“The use of Marin Software’s automated bidding and reporting tools on the Peugeot account has allowed us to save significant time. This has enabled us to reinvest this time in strategic account optimisation and innovation as well as driving greater financial improvements for our client.”

“Marin Software’s flexible reporting and powerful bidding has enabled us to gain deeper insight into our performance and drive revenue growth through our large-scale search campaigns.”

“Marin software saves us time and drives improvements in performance making every aspect of our work more efficient. Furthermore, Marin Client Services Team are knowledgeable, informative and incredibly helpful and ensure we get the most from the technology.”

“What really sets Marin apart is their level of service. Our onboarding was handled in an incredibly smooth and professional manner, and was comfortably above what was expected.”


“Not only has Marin enabled us to save 66% of our time managing campaign, it has helped us generate a 28% increase in clicks whilst maintaining our margin.”


“Auto Trader’s aspirations within paid search result in many challenges for our agency, implementing Marin has enabled our PPC campaigns to evolve into a dynamic, almost self optimising marketing channel. I welcome any technology that focuses on optimising spend towards quality and thus freeing up the team’s time to discuss strategy and explore further innovations within this area.”


“With millions of keywords, we are saving a ton of time using Marin. Our team spends half the time they used to on management activities and have been able re-allocate time to much more strategic activities—increasing volume and profit for our already high-volume business.”


“After only a short time using Marin, the performance exceeded our expectations and the platform will certainly be a critical success factor for Spartoo.com going forward. Additionally, I am delighted with the local support from the Marin team. I wanted to get the most out of Marin as soon as possible and thanks to their team’s skills, attention, and training we were able to quickly take advantage of the platform to deliver a positive impact on Spartoo.com’s business.”


“Across the board, from campaign management to reporting to optimization, Marin Enterprise has saved us an unimaginable amount of time. What’s even more impressive is how Marin’s bidding solution has incrementally grown our business while still hitting our margin targets.”


“Marin Software is different to many other Facebook advertising management platforms, as they understand that Facebook plays a role further up the sales funnel. The fact you can manage Facebook alongside other channels such as search and display means you can gain an understanding of how Facebook Ads are working as part of your online media mix and not in a silo.”


“Our partnership provides us with deep cross-channel optimization insight that drives game changing management of the entire digital media ecosystem.”


“Marin Search Marketer has helped us to build much better relationships with our clients.”


“Marin’s recommendation engine has helped us identify opportunities to increase revenue over all our search accounts. Since working with Motivity Marketing & Marin Software, we’ve seen significant increases in conversions without increasing our budget.”


“Marin’s creative testing and advanced reporting features have allowed us to significantly expand our online marketing program.”


“It is not humanly possible to manually manage bids on our over 3.5 Million keywords. We have complete confidence in Marin’s bidding. This automation has enabled our team to focus on campaign optimization beyond bidding as well as expansion into new markets.”