Publicis Commerce

Case Study

Publicis Commerce Uses BI Connect to Streamline Reporting, Saving Time and Improving Strategic Decision Making

  • Streamlined reporting results with 10 hours saved each month
  • Report delivery frequency reduced from monthly to daily
  • Expanded lookback window goes beyond what’s available from the publisher

  • Background

    Publicis Commerce is a consumer-focused group of commerce experts, working with clients in all categories to deliver sustained business growth, supported by their proprietary tech platform Commerce Intelligence™. They are working with a world leader in the beauty industry that owns dozens of well-known cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance brands to drive revenue and reduce inefficiencies in their digital marketing programs.

  • Challenge

    The activation team at Publicis Commerce manages the Amazon Search and DSP activity for this beauty brand. Due to limitations in the Amazon API, reporting meant exporting all Amazon Search data from the Advertising Console, then importing it into a Google Sheet, which could then be connected to Google Data Studio.

    This process not only required a significant amount of time invested, but also led to a low frequency of dashboard uploads. Monthly data didn’t allow Publicis Commerce to react quickly enough to changes in performance or to make informed strategic decisions about trends or results.

  • Solution

    In order to optimize their reporting process and make it fully automated, Publicis Commerce turned to Marin Software’s BI Connect solution. This change increased the frequency of data updates from monthly to daily and provided a longer lookback window, allowing the team to analyze more data, more quickly.

    Marin pulls Amazon Search data from the Amazon Sponsored Ads console daily, then pushes it to an AWS Cloud server. From there, the Publicis Commerce team enables a connection between Google Data Studio and AWS. The data is then displayed in the Google Data Studio dashboard.

    This data source combines relevant campaign, ASIN, and keyword data into a single source, allowing Publicis Commerce to streamline and centralize the data download process.

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“This implementation gives us and our client access to real-time data, which makes us more agile when implementing campaign optimizations and ultimately leading to better performance. Across the board, we have seen, on average, an 80% increase in sales and 20% increase in ROAS. Marin Software’s BI Connect is an important part of those improvements.”

Borja Saldaña, Activation Lead, Publicis Commerce

  • Results

    In the four months since implementing BI Connect, Publicis Commerce saw a significant improvement in their reporting process, including:

    • Improved data centralization results in reduced loading times and a significant reduction in the amount of time spent updating reports.
    • Increased report delivery frequency and an expanded lookback window allows for better strategic decisions.
    • An increased lookback window enables the team to view data for specific periods outside of the standard 60-day lookback window that’s available from Amazon.
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