Case Study

Melia Sees 6.7x ROI with Dynamic Ads for Travel

  • 79% decrease in overall CPA
  • 6.7x increase in ROI when using Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Consistent spend increase each month due to positive results
  • About Melia

    Melia Hotels International is a Spanish hotel chain and the 17th largest hotel company worldwide. Melia wanted to understand the effectiveness of Dynamic Ads for Travel with people who’d shown interest in traveling to specific destinations in Spain on their website. They remarketed to these potential customers with relevant hotel offers across Facebook’s ad network.

  • Intent Based Remarketing Automatically Delivers the Right Creative Across Thousands of Possible Combinations

    Melia was one of the first large hotel brands to implement Dynamic Ads for Travel, a relatively new ad type from Facebook that allows you to automate ad delivery at the product level.

    To execute Dynamic Ads for Travel, advertisers must have a pixel on their website or app and a product feed to dynamically deliver ad creative to audiences based on click events. These click events allow advertisers to better target their ads based on a variety of variables, such as search activity, destination location, destination price, or even checkout date.

“ The performance that we saw with Marin Social’s Dynamic Ads for Travel solution for re-marketing was above expectations! Marin’s team of paid social experts made this relatively complicated retargeting Ad type seem easy while delivering a 6.7X ROI.”

– José Luis Aranda / Global Digital Media Advertising Director, Melia Hotels International

  • Marin Social Simplifies Campaign Creation of Dynamic Ads for Travel

    To measure effectiveness, Melia A/B tested ads to audiences of top-performing destination queries from people in the UK who were looking for vacation spots in Spain. Their plan included three steps:

    1. The team analyzed and mapped 381 possible travel destinations to identify which were searched for most frequently.
    2. They used the Marin Wizard to simplify the setup of Dynamic Ads for Travel by mapping creative to audiences within the UI.
    3. Marin’s Rule Manager ensured campaigns reached a minimum spend threshold to adequately measure performance from the A/B test.
  • A Wider Strategy for a Worldwide Hotel Leader

    Melia was elated with the results of Dynamic Ads for Travel. The team plans to use Marin Social to expand to even more robust remarketing strategies with other destinations and brands. Specific results include:

    1. 79% decrease in overall CPA
    2. 6.7X increase in ROI when using Dynamic Ads for Travel
    3. Consistent spend increase each month due to positive results