99 Designs

Case Study

Facebook Retargeting Boosts Incremental Revenue 134% for 99designs

  • 134% increase in incremental revenue with Facebook retargeting
  • 24% decrease in CPA

  • A little about 99 Designs

    99designs is the world’s largest marketplace for graphic design — from logos, web pages, business cards and more.

"It’s rare that you work with a third-party ad company that you can actually trust and have your best interests in mind when making decisions and I feel like Perfect Audience does."

- JoAnne Hart / Marketing Manager / 99designs

  • The Opportunity

    JoAnne was already acquiring new customers for 99design’s marketplace via retargeting campaigns on the Google Display Network. But she had not found another retargeting platform that could match GDN’s scale, until Facebook retargeting became available.

  • The Solution

    JoAnne reached out to Perfect Audience after reading about them in TechCrunch and quickly got set up with a campaign. She provided some copy and ~100 different images and Perfect Audience took care of the rest. Not only did they see a 134% increase in incremental revenue, but their CPA was 24% lower that Google. After their initial US-only campaign, they’re now rolling out more ads throughout the UK, Canada and Germany.

  • Results

    After using Marin, 99 Designs results include:

    • 134% increase in incremental revenue with Facebook retargeting over 6 months
    • 24% decrease in cost per acquisition over the Google Display Network