Effective Date: May 25, 2018

This Cookie Disclosure describes the cookies and other technologies that Marin Software Incorporated (“Marin Software,” “we,” “us”) uses in connection with its subscription services (“Marin Software Services”). We also explain how individuals can opt out from having data about their browsing collected and used in connection with the Marin Software Services.

What are the Marin Software Subscription Services?

The Marin Software Services allow business entities (“Customers”) to measure, manage, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns. To provide these services, the Marin Software Services application needs to have access to data (“Visitor Data”) regarding the way in which individuals who visit a Customer’s website (“Customer Website”) interact with this website, for example, how long they stay on a particular page, or whether they purchase a product or service from the website.

The Customer may collect the Visitor Data itself using its own application, and would load the Visitor Data directly into the Marin Software platform. In this case, the Marin Software Services application does not collect any Visitor Data itself.

Alternatively, the Customer may use a Marin Software application, the Marin Tracker, which collects the needed Visitor Data, and automatically uploads the Visitor Data into the Marin Software platform. This Marin Tracker application relies on the use of cookies and tags, as described below.

For further explanation on how the Marin Software Subscription Services function, see also the Marin Software Privacy Policy for Subscription Services

Marin Software cookies and tags

If a Marin Software Customer uses Marin Tracker, the Marin Software Services application collects Visitor Data regarding the online activities of the visitors of a Customer Website by placing a persistent cookie on the computer, smart phone, tablet, or other device (“Device”) that a Visitor uses to visit a Customer Site. This cookie, named MSUUID, is sent by the Customer to the browser used by the Device accessing the Customer Website. The duration of the cookie is 365 days.

The Visitor’s activities on a Customer Site are labeled through one or several Marin Software tags that the Customer has incorporated in the code of the pages of the Customer Website for which the Customer wishes to keep statistics.

Can Marin Software identify a Visitor?

The Marin Tracker cookie allows identifying a specific browser on a Device or entry point, but is not able, by itself, to determine the identity of the individual using the Device. For example, a Visitor who uses two browsers will be identified with two different, unrelated cookies.

The Visitor Data collected through this cookie include the “landing page” (as defined below) and whether any Customer designated actions were taken by the Visitor, such as whether the Visitor made a purchase. This Visitor Data is combined with the user ID number that Marin Tracker has attributed to the Device or entry point so that the Visitor Data may be analyzed with data collected from publishers associated with the same ID number.

What data is collected through the Marin Tracker cookie

When it is combined with the Marin Software tags, the Marin Tracker cookie is used to obtain and collect the following data about the Visitor of a Customer Website:

  • The time and date when the cookie was initially sent;
  • The unique User ID that the Marin Software application has generated to identify the Visitor;
  • The time and date of the current visit of the Customer Website;
  • The URL of the website that the Visitor was viewing before landing on the Customer Website (also called the “referring URL”);
  • If the Visitor had conducted a search before landing on the Customer Website, what search terms (or keyword) were used that resulted in the visitor’s entry to the Customer Website, and what search engine was used to conduct the search;
  • The URL of the first page of the Customer Website that the Visitor viewed when landing on the Customer Site (also called the “landing page”);
  • The types of products purchased;
  • Any affirmative action or “conversion” initiated by the Visitor, for example, whether the Visitor purchased a product or requested information about a product.

It also enables the collection of the following data:

  • The Visitor’s IP address;
  • The operating system of the Device that the Visitor is using (for example Apple IOS);
  • The type of browser, and browser version, of the Device that the Visitor is using (for example Firefox).

How to control and manage cookies

You can also instruct your browser, by editing its options, to stop accepting third party cookies or to prompt before accepting a cookie from any website that you visit. To learn how to block or remove third party cookies, see the Marin Software Privacy Central page.

How to contact us

For further information about the Marin Software cookies and tags used in connection with the Marin Software Services, please contact us:

By email at:

By postal mail: Marin Software Incorporated, 123 Mission Street, 27th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, Attn: General Counsel.