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Why Marin

The Marin platform is designed to meet the unique workflow, analytics, and optimization needs of the world’s most demanding online marketers. Our technology, scale, and expertise have resulted in exceptional results for some of the world's biggest brands worldwide.

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Visibility and Control

Visibility and control

Software should enable marketers to apply their expertise, not attempt to automate it. Marin’s predictive bidding algorithms and intelligent recommendations provide powerful automation while preserving control for the marketer. With complete visibility into performance, marketers can optimize to the unique economics of their business.

Easy to Deploy

Easy to deploy and use

With Marin Software you don’t have to reengineer your business. Marin works seamlessly with your tracking, analytics, and eCommerce systems, allowing you to continue leveraging existing infrastructure. Our intuitive interface, coupled with contextual help and video training, helps make adoption easy and ensures user success.

Day-in-the-life workflow

Creating efficiencies for online marketers requires workflow that eliminates manual efforts in spreadsheets. Marin’s Analytics-to-Action interface provides a natural workflow, allowing users to analyze data and take action from within a single screen. With Marin, marketers can spend less time in spreadsheets, and more time managing results.

Day in the Life

Expert Service

Service by experts

Marin’s unique service model has made the company a trusted partner for clients worldwide. Our client service professionals possess a minimum of two years of experience managing large scale online advertising programs, enabling them to provide best-practice advice that goes beyond basic support.