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Marin Software helps online marketers analyse display ad performance, automate routine campaign workflows, and optimise for financial lift.

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Display advertising, arguably the first form of advertising on the internet, is projected to account for roughly a third of all interactive marketing within just a few years. Much of the available display inventory is increasingly biddable and many believe that the high competition and increasing costs within paid search will fuel even further interest in display. As display advertising takes on similar characteristics of search advertising, advertisers must find ways to quickly analyse display ad performance, automate routine campaign workflows, and optimise for financial lift.


Control Placement

Control placement of ads to optimise for brand and performance

Placement targeting brings a new level of accountability and control for online marketers that utilise display advertising. Marin enables marketers to quickly identify and bid up high-performing placements to drive more conversions, bid down low-performing placements to save money, and ultimately extract more accountability and ROI from their display marketing spend.


Bid on display as a part of an integrated media mix

Marin offers a complete workflow, analysis, and optimisation solution for advertisers seeking to manage retargeting as an integrated part of the online media mix. This increases advertiser return on retargeting investments through accurately valuing campaigns across the complete path to conversion, optimising to performance-driven goals, and delivering greater transparency and control for the marketer.

Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility


Cross-Publisher Management and Visibility

Understand the influence of display on downstream revenue

Marin enables marketers to measure and attribute conversions across all digital marketing channels optimising spend based on a more complete understanding of consumer behavior. Marin takes into account multiple conversion events to make smarter bidding decisions and provide deeper insights into multi-channel effectiveness.