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Best practices archive

2013 Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Learn the top tips for driving awareness and revenue from Facebook ads.

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The Search Marketers’ Guide to Google enhanced campaigns

A planning guide to successfully migrate and optimize Google enhanced campaigns.

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Apple iPad pits consumer privacy against advertising measurability

Marin Software examines the Apple iOS platform and the impact cookie blocking has on accuracy of key advertising metrics.

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The search marketer’s guide to successful facebook ads

We have assembled a comprehensive set of best practices for effective Facebook advertising that includes an actionable approach to managing successful ads on Facebook as well as advice for optimizing across channels for a more effective online media mix.

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The impact of Google Instant on paid search

Download this research brief to understand how Instant is changing the paid-search landscape.

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The search marketer’s guide for the holidays

Download this white paper to learn how to optimize your paid-search campaigns for the 2010 holiday season.

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The search alliance checklist: 10 steps for managing the transition to the Yahoo!-Bing search alliance

Download this white paper to learn how to prepare your campaigns for the search alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft.

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ROI-based campaign management: Optimization beyond bidding

Download this white paper to learn how to drive maximum ROI from your paid search programs, with three simple best practices for campaign management.

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