Marin Display

The industry’s only fully transparent retargeting and prospecting solution

Marin Display is a robust retargeting and prospecting solution, powered by cross-channel intent data, that helps you find new, relevant prospects more efficiently and convert more high-value customers. Unlike other platforms, Marin Display was built to provide complete transparency and control. It features a fully accessible dashboard for campaign management, reporting, optimization, and audience targeting.

Save Time

Identify and connect with all your audiences through one interface

  • Build audiences and launch campaigns in minutes

    Marin Display is built to meet the needs of marketers who want control and transparency over where campaigns are run, who’s targeted, and which ads are shown to these audiences. Intuitive campaign management tools help you quickly set up audiences, campaigns, and ads - support for bulk operations help you scale your efforts en masse.

  • Seamlessly deliver advertising across the top sites and mobile apps

    Integrations with the largest exchanges and publishers, including AdX, OpenX, and MoPub, enable you to upload your ads and seamlessly reach customers across any website, device, or geography from one, unified interface.

  • Engage customers with feed-based, dynamic creative

    Quickly integrate Google Merchant Center-friendly feeds and use Ad Manager to target customers with dynamic product ads. Marin also supports custom feed integrations, and can work with you to develop bespoke dynamic ad templates targeting customers across channels and devices. And, only Marin can overlay exclusive intent signals with product attributes to create highly personalized ads that are more likely to drive engagement.

Improve Performance

Take control and effortlessly optimize performance to improve your bottom line

  • Optimize campaigns on your terms

    Marin’s intuitive and powerful campaign management dashboard gives you full control over every aspect of your campaigns. It provides in-app controls to filter out poorly performing domains, set global frequency caps, target specific geographies, and much more.

  • Maximize performance by taking advantage of Marin’s flexible service models

    From support for self-service customers to complete campaign optimization, Marin offers a flexible support structure to help you maximize your display advertising ROI. If you’re already adept at managing and optimizing your display campaigns, you can use the self-serve platform; if you need more support, take advantage of Marin’s fully managed service option.

“ROI was off the charts — we made a ton of money. You typically see 5 -10x return on spend with retargeting but with Perfect Audience we were getting at least a 20x return.”

-Milt Deherrera / Web Marketing Manager / American Apparel

Cross-Device Targeting

Playbook for Advertisers

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Gain Insights

Get full transparency to improve performance and make smarter decisions

  • Gain deeper insights with a fully transparent reporting dashboard

    Unlike some black box retargeting platforms, Marin offers you full visibility into costs and performance data via an intuitive reporting dashboard. By making it easy to track performance from cookie to conversion, you can focus on identifiable trends, insights, and opportunities for improving performance.

  • Get to know your customers better by tracking conversion-level performance

    Conversion Explorer is a unique reporting feature that provides deeper level insight for each click-through and view-through conversion. View valuable information such as order value, the creative ad unit that drove the conversion, and the time lapse between the view/click and the conversion.

  • Make better decisions with unified cross-channel reporting

    As the leading cross-channel performance marketing platform, Marin is able to offer a unified reporting dashboard that lets you track and compare performance across your search, social, and display campaigns from a single interface.

Reach Valuable Audiences

Seamlessly target and reach your customers across channels and devices

  • Remarket to your customers with intent data

    The Marin Smart Pixel™ collects and categorizes first-party search and social campaign data, enabling you to create and target audiences based on their value and where they are in the purchase cycle.

  • Efficiently build and optimize precision-targeted audiences with Audience Manager

    Go beyond simple path retargeting and leverage Marin’s advanced segmentation API. The API lets you easily build distinct audiences based on products browsed, specific actions taken, or the intent a customer has shown, all from a singular, easy-to-use interface.

  • Deliver consistent experiences across devices

    The Marin Device Graph™ algorithmically matches unique users across desktop and mobile devices, using cross-device data collected from third-party partners and through the Marin Mobile SDK. Integrations with the top mobile exchanges ensures you can reach customers with ads on the latest and greatest mobile apps.

  • Grow revenue by prospecting with second-party audiences

    Partner Connect is an exclusive network of unique and qualified second-party audiences. Reach new customers more efficiently by finding and connecting with complementary brands and strategic partners.