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Your Data is Your Advantage

Marin helps you uncover more customers and more revenue from your online and offline data.

As the market leader in digital advertising, we work with the world’s largest agencies and brands. We have helped build and connect some of the most sophisticated data integrations ever imagined.

Learn more about how Marin can help you build your digital marketing foundation with the most powerfully effective building blocks…Your Data.

Marin Connect: Leveraging the data that matters. A data foundation which results in

  • Better Workflow
  • Better Reporting
  • Better Bidding
  • Better Results
    • Easily Integrate
      and Attribute Revenue Data

      Understand True Conversion Value with Flexible Revenue Capture

      Marin’s flexible revenue capture solution enables you to leverage your existing infrastructure, preserving historical data and maintaining a single point of truth for measuring your performance. Proven integrations with leading analytics, ad serving, call tracking, and CRM systems help reduce deployment time and risk.

      Unified View of Data

      Lifetime Value

      Confidently Gauge Customer Lifetime Value

      The holy grail of conversion data, customer lifetime value, can be comprehensively managed, measured and optimized using the Marin platform. Using Marin, you can track and assign unique values to each action in the conversion funnel- likes, purchases, leads, views, registrations, etc.- for accurate and flexible lifetime value calculations. The ability to track and bid to multi-event conversions enables you to accurately value every consumer interaction and optimize spend accordingly.

      Marin Connect for Revenue

      • Adform
      • Adplan
      • Adobe SiteCatalyst
      • Adometry
      • Atlas Data Passback
      • BrightTag
      • DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)
      • Flashtalking
      • Google Analytics
      • Jet Interactive
      • Marin Tracker & Redirect Tracker
      • Mongoose Metrics
      • Revenue Upload by Order ID or Keyword
      • RevTrax
      • TagMan

      Easily Integrate Publisher Data

      Bi-directional synchronization

      Accurately Manage at Scale with Bidirectional Synchronization

      Campaign structures are notoriously complex and dynamic, and remembering to sync changes manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Marin’s automated bidirectional synchronization ensures that changes are kept current at the publisher and in Marin, regardless of where the changes are made.

      Data Warehouse Direct

      Connect Your Enterprise with Data Warehouse Direct

      Marin provides a proven data passback avenue and other connectors to easily integrate with your data warehouse. Marin sends daily metrics for keyword, creative, and placement performance across channels and publishers.

      Marin Connect Case Book

      Easily Track Revenue with Seamless URL management

      Marin has a powerfully convenient ability to read and write URLs in exiting formats. Marin saves time by leveraging existing URLs, automatically generating new URLs based on your current structure, and auto-correcting malformed or duplicate URLs.

      Seamless URL Management

      Marin Channel Connect Publishers

      Joint customers can take full advantage of the power of Channel Connect. Certified partners include:

      • Adlux
      • adMarketplace
      • Sendori (
      • Yandex

      Proven Professional Services

      On-Boarding Services

      Rapid On-boarding Services with Pre-built Connectors

      Leveraging on-boarding best practices garnered from hundreds of successful engagements, Marin’s professional services teams ensure that deployments meet each client’s unique online marketing needs and can leverage from many pre-built connectors and certified integrations.

      Use Your Data
      to Unlock Your ROI Potential

      Marin Connect amplifies the relevance of your marketing by unlocking the potential of your data to deliver the right offer to the right audience at the right time for the right price.

Boost Performance

While saving time running reports and managing campaigns

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