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Marin provides clients with an expert team to ensure adoption and success with the Marin Enterprise platform.

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Industry Professionals Working for Your Success

Our unique approach to client service has made Marin Software a trusted business partner for leading advertisers and agencies worldwide. Marin provides clients with an expert team to ensure adoption and success with the Marin Software platform. Client Services professionals, including Client Services Managers and Account Directors, possess hands-on experience managing large-scale online advertising programs, enabling them to provide best-practice advice that goes well beyond basic support.



Expert support

Support Services delivers multi-lingual support for application issues 24 hours-a-day. Leveraging global ticketing systems and multi-national teams, Support Services resolves over 80% of inquiries on the same day they are submitted.


Opportunity Assessments

Opportunity assessments and Marin Insights

The Marin Client Services Manager provides custom training and optimisation recommendations to end-users. These individuals are true experts, possessing two or more years of online advertising experience prior to joining Marin.


Business Reviews

Business reviews

The Marin Account Director is responsible for executive alignment, providing visibility into training and rollout plans, periodic business reviews to measure and address gaps, and a point of escalation for critical issues.


Instructor-led and self-paced learning

Marin’s multi-faceted training methodology ensures your teams get up-to speed quickly. Self-paced training modules are complimented by instructor-led webinars designed to address gaps in adoption and increase marketing effectiveness.

Instructor Led Learning


Marin Help & Community

Marin help & community forum

Searchable and contextual multimedia help coupled with community forums allow users to find answers quickly.