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Create & Convert Your Most Valuable Audience Segments across Channels


With the Marin Audience Marketing Suite, you can now power your audience marketing by enhancing your first and third-party data with search intent data, as well as buying signals from social and display channels. By fusing data from multiple sources, it's never been easier to synchronously create precise, powerful, and highly-valuable audience segments to target and retarget across the Web, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Streamlined Cross-Channel Campaign Management

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Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite not only improves workflow efficiency for identifying and creating audiences, but also serves as a cohesive platform for cross-channel and cross-audience reporting and optimization. Key performance metrics are presented within a unified dashboard enabling marketers to view and compare performance across channels and audiences. Performance metrics can be viewed down to the campaign, creative and individual conversion level.

Cross-Publisher Audience Creation Using the Marin Smart Pixel

Marin Smart Pixel

The Marin Smart Pixel helps simplify the process of creating audiences to use in retargeting campaigns across multiple publishers. You simply define your audience list once, and then the Smart Pixel co-fires multiple tracking pixels simultaneously, allowing you to create common audience lists for retargeting in Google, Facebook, Twitter and across the Web.

Audience-Level Performance Reporting

Audience Lists

For the first time, you can get a view and compare how your marketing campaigns are performing by audience segment. Marin’s cross-audience view enables you to quickly identify which audience segments are performing best, and also what campaigns and channels are proving to be the most effective at driving conversions.

Building Insights around Reporting Transparency

Building audiences is only half the battle. Marin's Audience Marketing Suite aids marketers by providing a unified interface to also report, analyze and take action on them. Marin AMS offers a holistic view of cross-channel performance, down to the individual campaign and creative level, enabling you to improve your workflow, easily identify insights, and increase your return from your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Audience Lists

Cross-Publisher Bidding & Optimization

The Audience Marketing Suite also enables marketers act on those audience analytics by quickly adjusting and optimizing bids. Bids are automatically adjusted based on the business rules set for those audiences. Bid adjustments are made automatically, even adjusting across publishers and channels where bidding auctions are run separately.

Strategic audience expansion via partner retargeting

Partner Connect helps marketers expand reach without sacrificing performance by empowering them to connect with other partners, and retarget each other’s audiences. This allows marketers to systematically find new and unique target audiences, and market to the prospects who are more likely to show interest and convert.