The Marin Audience Marketing Suite offers a completely open platform for ingesting cross-channel performance, revenue, contextual and audience data to ensure that marketers can take full advantage of their existing marketing ecosystem and future-proof against the constant change of a rapidly changing industry. Marin Connect provides the foundation for those open integrations.

Why Partner Connect

  • Multiple-conversion and Lifetime Value Optimization
  • Flexible Publisher Integration
  • Cross-Channel Publisher Insights
  • Cross-Channel Optimization
  • First-Party Search Intent Taxonomy
  • Cross-Channel Data Activation
  • Dynamic Actions for Bidding
  • Dynamic Actions for Creative

Drive Better Business Decisions With Revenue Connect

Channel Connect enables advertisers to quickly integrate, analyze and optimize performance metrics across a wide array of digital advertising publishers. By pulling disparate channel data into a unified reporting and optimization platform, advertisers gain a holistic view of their cross-channel digital media execution and can leverage Marin's automated optimization capabilities to drive better results.

Gain Valuable Insight Across Performance Channels With Channel Connect

Unlike prospecting with third-party data, which can incur significant CPM fees based on the data used, Partner Connect allows marketers to prospect using intent and behavioral signals without the added cost. There is no upcharge to target partner audiences beyond the minimum bid necessary to reach that user on the real-time bidding (RTB) auction, enabling marketers to maximize the returns from their prospecting campaigns.

Synchronize High-value Audience Segments Across Data Management Platforms

Audience Connect enables Marin customers to leverage investment in third-party DMPs to capture, organize, analyze and activate audience segments across channels. Integration provides an onramp for valuable first-party search intent data from Marin that can be utilized on its own or combined with other data sources to analyze and build actionable audience segments. Those segments can then be activated in Marin, enabling advertisers to target profitable segments in a unified way across search, social and display.

Automated Handling Of External Data To Improve Your Performance

Context Connect provides a flexible onramp for integrating and taking action on critical external data sources. Marin Software is the only platform that allows marketers to control the seemingly “uncontrollable” external factors that greatly impact their online performance. Using Context Connect in conjunction with other platform capabilities, advertisers can analyze the effects of weather data, product inventory, and other contextual data on digital performance, and execute smarter optimization strategies based on the data that impacts their business.