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The world’s most trusted independent
search marketing platform. Increase the ROI of both time and money that you put into paid search today

Combine Audience Data with the Power of Purchase Intent

Global spend on paid search marketing is a testament to its impact on the bottom line for many businesses. As transaction volume rises and competition for position grows, search is a complex and challenging channel to manage. And now paid search is increasingly being integrated with social and display campaigns for accelerated relevancy. Marin Software, the world’s largest independent paid search management platform, helps marketers optimize their search results by understanding the cross-channel path to conversion.

Combine your search intent data with your display and social data

Combine your search intent data with your display and social data

Marin offers a complete workflow, analysis, and optimization solution for search marketers seeking to move beyond keywords and target high value audiences. Marketers can easily combine search intent data with social demographic cues and behavioral data from display for more integrated and informed search campaigns.

Move beyond transactions to increase customer lifetime value

Marin’s proprietary approach to bidding allows marketers to modify their bidding strategies in one channel based on interactions in other channels. By using combined data across different channels, advertisers can more effectively message to drive performance. With Marin, marketers can inform their paid search creative and bids with relevant display and social data resulting in campaigns that convert and optimize for customer lifetime value.

Cross-publisher management and visibility

Cross-publisher management and visibility

Simultaneously running large-scale online campaigns across multiple search publishers is time consuming and error prone. Marin’s cross-publisher editing capabilities make it easy for marketers to effectively manage, measure, and optimize search campaigns at scale.

Independent ad platform allows for search beyond Google

Savvy advertisers are seizing the opportunity to clone Google campaigns across Bing, enjoying a higher volume of clicks and conversions without having to increase budgets. Marin’s independent platform does the heavy lifting, making it easy to copy campaigns in a matter of minutes and automate bidding across both search engines for best results. Get the Guide »

Exception management and workflow automation

To combat complexity, Marin provides filtering and workflow-automation capabilities to manage large-scale paid search campaigns by exception. Advertisers can quickly discover underperforming keywords, creative or landing pages and set up alerts to flag issues on the fly. As a result, marketers can quickly hone in on their highest-impact campaign elements and take action for simultaneous improvements in financial lift and productivity.

Exception Management

Powerful and easy-to-use optimization

Powerful and easy-to-use optimization

Large-scale online marketing programs with thousands or even millions of ad units are practically impossible to optimize without the aid of powerful statistical tools. But all the power of math can be lost if advertisers are forced into “black box” bidding solutions or if the tools are too complicated for actual humans to use them. Marin’s intelligent bidding algorithm and campaign optimization capabilities combine powerful automation with an easy-to-use interface that puts the marketer in control without losing visibility, and typically drives financial lift of 20% or more and time savings of 50%.