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Marin Software provides the leading cross-channel performance advertising platform for reaching your highest value audiences with Search, Social and Display ads.


Advertisers are increasingly shifting investments toward digital channels. Search, social and display ads provide great amounts of audience data which is often ignored or underutilized. The Marin platform empowers advertisers to combine purchase intent data from search, behavioral data from display, and insightful demographic data from social to better identify, target and convert your highest value audiences.

Marin offers the complete revenue acquisition management platform, incorporating the workflow, analytics, and optimization tools necessary to enable marketers to save time, make better decisions, and improve financial results.

Marin directly addresses a number of challenges by allowing marketers to:

  • Target by audience across Search, Social and Display – all in one platform
  • Combine data from all your channel interactions to inform your audience and retargeting strategies
  • Better manage complexity by becoming more efficient in responding to shifting market trends
  • Gain visibility and control across channels to make better decisions about where and how to allocate advertising spend
  • Optimize for revenue through predictive bidding tools and intelligent recommendations

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